Father’s Day Gifts for Wildlife Photographers

Father’s Day is right around the corner and rapidly approaching! If you’re looking for some great gift ideas for your shutterbug dad, here are our top ten suggestions for wildlife photography gear.


#1 Wildlife Photography Camera & Lens Combo KitNikon D500 DX-Format Digital SLR Sports and Wildlife Lens Kit review

If your dad has been dabbling in wildlife photography and wants to go all in, he’ll need a camera and lens kit that’s designed specifically for capturing a wide variety of critters in a wide variety of settings. While there are many such combos and kits available, our top pick is the Nikon D500 with 200-500mm lens. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#2 Camera Body

Sony a7 III Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera review

If your dad is a rapidly developing amateur or a seasoned novice on his way to taking his wildlife photography work to the next level, it might be time for a camera upgrade. The newer DSLR and mirrorless models of cameras on the market today are capable of taking absolutely stunning, super high resolution still images as well as spectacular video footage…up to 4K resolution! Wild Revelation Outdoors carries today’s top cameras from the most trusted brands, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji Film, and Olympus. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#3 Telephoto/Zoom Lens

Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS USM Super Telephoto Lens reviewSerious wildlife photography requires the use of a zoom/telephoto lens. Photographing wild (or even tame) animals from a safe, respectful distance is one of the most important elements for capturing great images, as well as not intruding on the animal’s personal space. I recommend a zoom lens of at least 300mm for wildlife photography applications, but of course, a longer, stronger lens will get your dad even more up close and personal with his wildlife photography subjects from an even longer, more respectful distance. (Click here to shop for a wide variety of zoom/telephoto lenses at our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#4 TripodGeekoto 62 inches Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod Monopod with 360 Degree Ball Head,1/4 inch Quick Shoe Plate,Bag for DSLR Camera,Professional Tripod,Load up to 26.5 pounds(CT25Pro). review

A quality tripod that can be set up and adjusted fast is an absolutely essential piece of equipment for serious photographers…especially landscape and wildlife photographers. A tripod eliminates even the smallest amount of camera shake and vibration that can greatly diminish the sharpness and clarity of a photograph. A tripod also enables a photographer to shoot at more optimal settings in low light conditions which will produce a much higher quality image. Tripods are available in a variety of sizes and materials, such as lightweight aluminum and graphite, and some tripods can even be transformed into a monopod. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#5 Camera Bag

Cameras and lenses are expensive and can be rather delicate. For wildlife photographers who take their camera gear into some pretty wild, unforgiving environments, keeping it protected is a top priority! A high-quality camera bag, backpack, or gear bag will keep your dad’s gear safe and well organized while out on a photo shoot. The Badlands Camera Pack is our top pick for a wildlife photography gear bag, but we also carry a wide variety of other bags and packs from the best manufacturers on the planet. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#6 Photography BlindAmeristep Element Hunting Blind Review

Blinds are used by hunters, photographers, and wildlife biologists alike in order to observe animals for many hours while being completely concealed and comfortable. A blind is especially effective for areas of wilderness or particular settings where there is little cover to keep one hidden. Blinds come in different sizes, shapes, and camo patterns and they’re an incredibly effective tool for capturing great wildlife photos. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#7 Ghillie Suit

Outdero Ghillie Suit

If your dad can’t sit still for long periods of time and likes to stay on the move, a ghillie suite might be a better wildlife photography concealment option than a blind. Ghille suites are used by military snipers, hunters, and professional photographers in order to blend into the environment and remain virtually invisible. Like blinds, they come in a variety of materials and camo patterns, and they are easy to pack up and take along to the field. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#8 Earth Tone & Camouflage Clothing

the best shell layers in the world for 2019

Another option to help your wildlife photographer dad blend into the surroundings in order to capture photos of those elusive critters he’s after is a new set of earth tone or camo clothing. It’s important to keep in mind though, that not all clothing is created equally. High-quality clothing is extremely important for spending quality time in the outdoors, especially in the harsh environments that many animals live in. Clothing is one’s first and most important line of defense from adverse weather conditions, biting insects, abrasions, hypothermia, and a variety of other things that could be of great harm while out and about in the wilderness on a photo shoot. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#9 Survival Gear

The best safety and survival gear in the world

Speaking of adverse, dangerous conditions, one should never head out to the unforgiving wilderness without the proper safety and survival equipment. Disaster can strike when least expected! So keep your dad safe with some new survival gear. (Click here to learn more about survival skills and order survival gear directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#10 FootwearShop for the Best Outdoor Boots in the World

A good pair of boots can make or break your Dad’s time on a photography shoot. Wildlife photographers often have to hike through extremely rough terrain, wade through creeks and swamps, and trek through all manner of muddy, nasty slop in order get the photo of a lifetime. High-quality, dependable footwear is a must! And, very importantly, don’t forget to remind your dad to thoroughly break in his new boots before heading out on his next big photography adventure! (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)

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