Deadly White Jig Fishing Challenge – Episode #3 – Bluegill

Welcome to episode #3 of the Deadly White Jig Fishing Challenge. Well, my friends, I have to admit that this episode really won’t be much of a challenge, as the bluegill is one of the most prolific and easiest to catch fish in North America. However, it still needs to be done in order to be scratched off the Deadly White Jig fishing challenge list.

The bluegill is a member of the sunfish family and they’re commonly stocked in ponds and lakes all over the country and they’re also present in both large and small river systems. In fact, any body of water that’s capable of supporting fish is most likely to have a good population of bluegill and other sunfish, as they’re prolific breeders.

The bluegill is a tasty fish to eat and they’re lots of fun to catch on light tackle, such as a fly rod, which makes them a great target for folks who are just starting out and learning the basics of fishing. Bluegill are typically about the size of your hand and weigh in at around a pound or less, with the world record bluegill tipping the scales at around 5 pounds.

Bluegill feed aggressively by means of their eyesight, which makes them fun to catch either on topwater or just under the surface. But, they’ll feed at all different water depths depending on the weather and available food sources. Bluegill have a small mouth, which limits the size of the natural foods they eat, as well as the size of lures and baits that you can catch them on…which makes the Deadly White Jig a great choice for heavy-duty bluegill action!

I’m going after these fish with a 4wt flyrod, 2lb fluorocarbon tippet, and a strike indicator to control the exact depth of my presentation, and I’m fishing my standard 1/64th size Deadly White Jig. So without further delay, let’s go catch some bluegill! Check out the video below to see all the action…

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