Deadly White Jig Fishing Challenge – Episode #2 – Buffalo

Welcome to episode #2 of the Deadly White Jig Fishing Challenge. For this round, I’m headed to the river bottom swamps and wetlands near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers to go after the bigmouth buffalo. The buffalo is similar in appearance and behavior to the common carp that inhabit the waters of the Midwest and many other parts of the United States and typically are about 15-27 inches in length and weigh 2 – 14 pounds. However, they have been known to grow to enormous proportions…up to 48 inches long and 80 pounds!

The buffalo is an omnivorous fish and feeds on a variety of bottom-dwelling invertebrates, crustaceans, and plants. They’re a good eating fish when caught from clean water that is mainly sought after by commercial fisherman as well as bow fisherman, but they’re not so much pursued by traditional rod and reel fishing, and to a much lesser degree, fly fishing…which makes the bigmouth buffalo a unique challenge for the Deadly White Jig!

I’m going after these fish with a 6weight flyrod and a 6lb fluorocarbon tippet. Just like other carp species, buffalo can be very wary and spook easily, so I make it a point to wear camo clothes, walk softly, and approach very slowly. I’m using a medium-sized Deadly White Jig for this adventure which I attached a set of heavy dumbbell eyes to get it to the bottom quick. As usual, I’m also fishing it under a strike indicator to control the exact depth.  Click on the video below to see all the action…

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