Buskin River Red Fox

Miscellaneous - Wildlife of Alaska | Fine Art Photography Gallery

This red fox photograph has become one of my most popular, and favorite fox images to date. Several years ago, while heading out to do some evening salmon fishing along the Buskin River, on Kodiak Island, Alaska, I encountered this beautiful, foxy lady! When she saw me coming by, she slowly came out from under the thick brush where she was resting with her pups, and very curiously looked me over, probably trying to figure out my intentions, or, maybe looking for a handout of some kind…as foxes tend to do when they realize that people often have food with them. Whatever the case, while she was intently studying me, I, likewise, was studying her. After I captured some photos of her, she casually headed back into the brush with her pups and disappeared. When I got home later and looked at the results of our encounter, I realized I had some real gems! The expressiveness of her face was fantastic! It was almost as if she read my mind and purposely posed for me.

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