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Bogs Boots– A Major Contender for the Best Weatherproof Boots in the World!

A Review of Bog boots

While Xtratuf boots are the reigning champion of weatherproof, Alaska-approved footwear, Bogs boots are a very close contender for folks in the 49th state, and perhaps the number one choice for those living in the lower 48, where Xtratufs are not as well known. As I mentioned in my article about Xtratufs, between the years of 2011 to 2013 there was a rather drastic decrease in the quality of their footwear, due to overseas production, which, unfortunately, is now the reality for almost every American footwear company. Thankfully, Xtratuf addressed the manufacturing issues and is back to making world-class, dependable boots and shoes once again. During those years of producing substandard products, however, many Alaskans painfully abandoned the once-esteemed “Alaska sneaker” and converted to Bogs boots, as they are similar in design, and proved to be a worthy replacement. In fact, even when Xtratuf got back on track with their legendary performance, many simply stayed with the Bogs brand.

Bogs boots are made from tough materials and are designed for heavy-duty outdoor use, but they are also lighter, warmer (in my opinion) more flexible, and have a more universal “off-road” tread design that many prefer over the flatter, trademark non-slip Xtratuf tread. While Xtratuf may be the boot of choice for fisherman, Bogs are often more preferred by hunters and those who spend more time hiking through the woods, rather than wading in water or shuffling around on a boat deck all day.

Bogs have their roots in Eugene, Oregon, and has been in business since 2002. And, like all quality footwear companies, they guarantee their products and back them up with fantastic customer service. Many Bogs boots have won awards in the Outdoor industry and they are available all over the country. Below are their most popular and highest rated boots. Click on the boot photos to learn more and order a pair today.

A review of Bogs Bozeman Tall Boots
Bogs Bozeman Tall Boots
A Review of Bogs Bozeman Mid Boots
Bogs Bozeman Mid Boots


A Review of Bogs Bowman Mossy Oak Boots
Bogs Bowman Mossy Oak Boots
A Review of Bogs Workman Boots
Bogs Workman Boots
A Review of Bogs Blaze 1000 Mossy Oak
Bogs Blaze 1000 Mossy Oak
A Review of Bogs Classic Mossy Oak Boots
Bogs Classic Mossy Oak Boots


A Review of Bogs Diamondback Boots
Bogs Diamondback Boots
A Review of Bogs Eagle Cap Mossy Oak Boots
Bogs Eagle Cap Mossy Oak Boots


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