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Big, Fat, Sleepy, Kodiak Bear – Alaska Animals – Kodiak Island

Big, Fat, Sleepy, Kodiak Bear – Alaska Animals – Kodiak Island

Bears can seem rather lazy much of the time, as when they’re not spending their time eating, they’re spending it sleeping. This isn’t necessarily because bears are slothful creatures, however, but rather, bears often have to work hard for their food and they need to conserve their energy as much as possible in order to put on the fat they need for hibernation.

The Adventures of King Kodiak, The Biggest Brown Bear in the World, Joseph Classen
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Last summer while I was out filming Kodiak bears at a salmon weir where bears like to gather and fish, I came across a HUGE female Kodiak bear (which are called “sows”) who was sound asleep, just laying in a bear bed that she dug in the dirt digesting a belly full of salmon and soaking in the sun. It’s hard to get an idea of just how enormous this bear is in the video below, but she was by far the biggest Kodiak sow that I’ve yet to encounter. If you can imagine a bear about the size of your living room couch, that’s about the size of this one. Check out the video below…

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