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Benchmade Knives – A Most Worthy Lifetime Investment

Benchmade Knife Review

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been reviewing what I believe are the best pocket/folding, and fixed blade knives on the market today. Continuing with that theme, I’d like to take a look at more of the top contenders for truly being some of the best knives in the world.

What do you get when you combine the finest American made steel, aluminum, titanium, and a mix of other rugged, dependable materials, with expert craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail? You get a Benchmade knife. The good folks at Benchmade have been manufacturing and designing truly world-class edged products for over thirty years. Their mission has always been to far exceed their customers’ expectations by creating performance-driven knives that go way beyond the norms of dependability. Hold a Benchmade knife in your hand and you’ll feel the uncompromising quality…instantly! Whether it’s on a job site, around the house, or in the field, a Benchmade won’t let you down!

Benchmade knife review
Superior design and craftsmanship are a part of every Benchmade knife. Owning one is a most worthy lifetime investment!

As I often preach, you get what you pay for when it comes to finely crafted blades, and you will pay a bit more for a Benchmade than most other knives on the market. But, buying a Benchmade is indeed a most worthy lifetime investment! Along with owning an incredibly reliable knife, your blade will be taken care of for as long as you own it. Benchmade knives are all supported by a team of skilled technicians whose only function is to ensure your knife is in optimal working condition for as long as you own it. This service is called LifeSharp®. When you send your knife to the Benchmade Life Sharp team, the knife is completely disassembled and all worn parts are tuned or replaced. The knife is then lubricated and reassembled, a sharpener applies a factory edge to the blade and the knife is shipped back to you…all at no cost. On top of that, Benchmade also offers a lifetime warranty service for each of their products. You simply can’t go wrong.

On a final note, like many knife manufacturers, Benchmade did have a line (Red Class) that was being made in another country. But, as of 2010, that line was discontinued. Again, all Benchmade knives are now proudly made in the USA. Below are my top picks. Click on the knife photos to find out more or to order one today.

Benchmade Griptilian knife review
Benchmade Griptilian
Benchmade Barrage knife review
Benchmade Barrage
Benchmade 531 knife review
Benchmade 531
Benchmade Adamas 275 knife review
Benchmade Adamas 275
Benchmade 810 knife review
Benchmade 810
Benchmade 940 knife review
Benchmade 940
Benchmade 761 Titanium Monolock knife review
Benchmade 761 Titanium Monolock
Benchmade Arvensis 119 Survival Knife review
Benchmade Arvensis 119 Survival Knife


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