Baby Deer Fawns of Jefferson Barracks Cemetery

This past fall I did a video about Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and the deer herd that lives among the thousands of servicemen and women who are laid to rest there. When I filmed that video, it was the breeding season and the whitetail bucks were riled up and chasing does all over the place. Among the many bucks I was able to film, I captured some footage of a huge, world-class alpha buck who’s the undisputed king of the Jefferson Barracks herd.

I headed back out to the cemetery recently to once again pay my respects to those who have served our country and to see the results of last year’s breeding season. Deer in the Midwest typically give birth to their fawns in the month of June, and sure enough, on the hot, bug-infested evening that my family and I went out there, we saw many new additions to the deer herd. And, thanks to the keen eyes of my daughter, we also saw the giant alpha buck once again who was in the process of growing his new rack of antlers for the year. Watch the video below to see some highlights from the evening…


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