Are Bears Omnivores or the Largest Land Carnivores?

In this blog article, we’re going to take a quick look at one of the most common misconceptions about the bears of North America, especially the bears of Alaska such as the Kodiak brown bear, the coastal brown bears of the mainland, and the grizzly bears of the interior, which do differ somewhat from each other, as you can learn all about in this video.

In popular TV shows, these big bears are almost always referred to as “the largest land-dwelling carnivores on earth!” While such a statement certainly adds a bit of a dramatic flair and intimidating sense of foreboding fear, the truth is that these magnificent beasts are not carnivores at all. Just like you and me, they are omnivores. I’ve done an entire video about what bears eat, which you can watch to learn more. Bears are very opportunistic and will eat a wide variety of plants, animals, fish, insects, carrion, and even garbage, all depending on where the bear lives, what time of year it is, and what food sources are most readily available. Despite what’s often portrayed in all those sensationalized movies and TV shows, most bears would much rather eat some juicy berries or a piece of fresh fish, instead of hunting you down and feasting on your flesh!

So that’s a quick clarification on the topic of bears being some of the largest land-dwelling omnivores on earth, not carnivores. Check out the video below to see and learn more.

The Adventures of King Kodiak, The Biggest Brown Bear in the World, Joseph Classen
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