nature and wildlife photography by Joseph Classen

Alaska Autumn Gallery

The mere thought of the autumn colors decorating the Alaska landscape makes my heart beat faster. To simply envision the golden leaves of the cottonwood trees and the shades of green slowly taking on a more antiquated patina beckons a silenced ovation for the joyful season of the harvest. Dreaming about what those euphoric aromas of the forest floor will smell like again stirs up a delicious taste from deep down within my soul. Imagining a dusky fall sunset reawakens a primal instinct that has been slumbering for months. The slightest thought of hearing the wind-driven rain and the crunching of leaves being blown along a rocky creek bed makes me want to run through the woods, screaming like a nature-drunk madman, proclaiming that the time has finally come, my favorite season of the year has arrived!

I’ve always loved autumn, for many different reasons. The fall colors in the state of my birth, Missouri, were always absolutely spectacular, due to the wide variety of trees. Being immersed in the vast array of colors was something I always looked forward to and treasured immensely. And, I still do.

When I moved to Kodiak Island, I was not sure what to expect in the way of fall color. While Alaska certainly gets its fair share of autumn vibrancy, the Great Land does not have near the biodiversity in the way of tree species as the Midwest. To my pleasant surprise though, I’ve found the autumn months to be very colorful indeed. While the season does not last as long as it does in many parts of the lower 48, it is still a magical time of year which I enjoy photographing immensely.