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About Joseph Classen

Greetings! Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Joseph Classen and I’m originally from St. Charles, Missouri. Located along the Missouri River, and nearby the mighty Mississippi, this historic town was founded in 1769 by Louis Blanchette and was known as a launching pad for early explorers, traders, and immigrants who were heading west. St. Charles was a thriving trading community back in the day and is the site of the famous Lewis and Clark Rendezvous. It was also the familiar stomping grounds of individuals such as Saint Philippine Duchesne and Daniel Boone. It was along those muddy rivers, immersed in that adventurous, pioneer spirit that my undying love of the outdoors was born! Throughout my life, I’ve spent countless hours in some of the wildest, most remote and unforgiving areas of the lower 48 states, Canada, and Alaska. My wife and I lived on beautiful, remote, Kodiak Island for many years and currently divide our time between Alaska and the Midwest. 

Over the past decade, I’ve connected with audiences throughout the world by means of my outdoor related media pursuits. I was the host of a nationally syndicated radio show, have made several television appearances, and I’ve written many books and countless articles for a wide variety of magazines and other periodicals on topics including hunting and fishing, outdoor skills, nature & wildlife photography, and Christian spirituality…as I also served as a minister for many years. My work has won awards, been featured by prestigious conservation organizations such as National Geographic and Smithsonian, it has been utilized by documentary filmmakers and travel bureaus, and it continues to gain worldwide exposure. Along with my extensive work in outdoor media, I’m also an experienced Alaskan guide, specializing in nature photography, wildlife viewing, fishing, and wilderness exploration adventures.

About Wild Revelation

Many ask me about the name, “Wild Revelation.” What’s the story behind it? As a lifelong, passionate lover of the outdoors, nature has always been a place of great adventure, education, rejuvenation, prayerful meditation, peace, and healing. Not to mention, it’s also a place which provides me with the organic food that is the primary staple of my diet. Spending quality time in the wild has forever been a catalyst for a revelation of one kind or another. Whether it’s a revelation of a divine nature, or a personal one, the sacred sanctuary of God’s great outdoors is a place in which one will always hear a powerful, yet peaceful voice speaking to one’s soul…that is…if one is listening!

Wild Revelation was launched in 2012, and for many years it was primarily an online nature & wildlife photography gallery and blog. A few years later, it also became the online home of my Wild Revelation Guide Service on Kodiak Island, Alaska. As time went on, I divided the two and had individual websites for each venture. As things continued to evolve, the Wild Revelation Photography website was transformed into a new online gallery by the name of Alaska Wall Art, which was mainly an experimental project.

Wild Revelation Outdoors is now one, unified entity that celebrates a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, wild game cooking, fishing, hunting, subsistence living, photography, woodworking, conservation, and many other areas of outdoor interest. It’s home to my blog, photography gallery, guide and consultant service, and also an online Amazon affiliate store where one can shop for the best, Alaska-approved outdoor gear on the market.

I warmly invite you to look around and explore the website. Read some blog articles, visit the gallery, do a little shopping, and perhaps have a wild revelation of your own!

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