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10 Best Fly Fishing Gifts for Father’s Day

10 Best Fly Fishing Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up fast! If you’re looking for some great gift ideas for your fly-fishing dad, here are our top ten suggestions.

#1 Fly Rod & Reel Combo

TFO Mangrove 6wt Fly Rod Outfit (6wt, 9'0, 4pc) w Lamson Guru Fly Reel reviewIf your dad is just getting started in fly-fishing, or, is in need of a fly-fishing gear upgrade, a new rod and reel combo makes the perfect gift! No matter if he’s fishing for trout and panfish, or something much larger, a top quality, perfectly matched rod and reel from a proven manufacturer is a gift that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment! (Click here to learn more about fly rod selection and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#2 Waders

Orvis Waders

Waders are an essential piece of gear when it comes to fly-fishing. And, if your dad is going to be spending a lot of time in and on the water, he’ll need a dependable pair that can keep up. You get what you pay for when it comes to waders. Quality waders should provide all-day comfort, be easy to move around and hike in, and be tough enough to stand up to tears, punctures, and abrasions for many seasons. Simms waders are an excellent choice, however, if you’d like to purchase directly from Amazon, our top two picks are the Orvis Ultralight Convertible Wader and Orvis Encounter Wader


#3 Fly Fishing Vest or Pack

The best fly fishing vests and packs in the world

There is nothing worse than being on your favorite river, anxiously getting ready to make that first cast of the day, and not being able to find the gear you need to get your rod and line rigged up and ready to go. Even worse than that perhaps is getting your more delicate gear or personal items soaking wet from a sudden downpour. A well-designed, truly weatherproof fishing vest or pack can be the difference between a peaceful, thoroughly enjoyable day on the river or a frustrating day of disorganized chaos! (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#4 Rain JacketThe best wind and rain gear in the world

Speaking of getting soaking wet from a sudden downpour, a high-quality rain jacket makes another great gift for your fly-fishing dad. Not all rain gear is created equal. A rain jacket that’s ideal for fly fishing is one that’s designed to keep the wind and rain out while still allowing for maximum movement and action while casting and being on the move. It should be made of 100% waterproof material and can withstand all day downpours…not just a passing shower or two. An ideal fishing rain jacket should also be earth-toned in color or have a camo pattern, as bright, his-vis rain gear will scare away wary fish. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#5 Base Layer

Another key to staying comfortable while spending a day on the river, especially in cool, cold, or rainy climates, is a good base layer of clothing. Quality base layers wick away moisture from the skin, help with properly thermoregulating the body’s core temperature, and keep one cozy and warm all day long. A good base layer also provides more insulation under one’s fishing waders, which is especially nice when immersed up to your waist all day on a cold-water stream or river. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#6 Socks

Along with a good base layer top and bottom, heavy duty wool socks will keep your dad’s feet toasty warm while he’s after that trophy fish. While there are many good fabrics to choose from for high-quality outdoor garments, wool is a traditional favorite…especially for socks…as wool insulates whether it’s dry or wet. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#7 Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealers Online Store in the World | Wild Revelation Outdoors

If your dad enjoys eating his catch and filling the freezer with fresh fish for the months to come, a high-quality, dependable vacuum sealer makes the perfect gift. Fish fillets, wild game meat, and other food items that are vacuum sealed will stay fresh and delicious for up to several years! Vacuum sealing is also a fast, easy alternative to the more time-consuming methods of using plastic wrap and freezer paper. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#8 Fillet Knife

A review of Dexter Russell cutlery, maker of the best fillet knives and kitchen cutlery in the world.

Another great gift idea for the dad who likes to turn his catch into delicious, nutritious meals for the whole family is a good fillet knife! Cutlery is another one of those items that you certainly get what you pay for. Cheap knives get dull very quickly and generally just can’t keep up with the chore of filleting a significant quantity of fish. So, if your dad is one who takes processing his catch of the day very seriously, he’ll certainly appreciate a fillet knife that is up to the task. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#9 Multi-Tool

A review of the best multi-tools in the world

Dads love tools! And, having the right tool for the job certainly applies to fly fishing. However, most fishing vests and packs can’t quite accommodate a whole box full of tools. A good compact multi-tool, especially one that features one-handed operation, is a valuable asset to have on the water! (Click here to learn more about survival skills and order survival gear directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)


#10 GoPro Action Camera

The best action cameras in the world 2019

Many dads love to capture epic video of their wild fishing adventures to share with family and friends and the world at large!  A new GoPro action camera can record video up to 4K resolution, it can be attached to his hat, vest, or even on his fly rod, and of course, it’s waterproof! Not to mention, a GoPro can take high resolution still photos and time-lapse videos as well. Your dad will have hours of fun while on the river with a GoPro and the memories he captures and creates with it will last a lifetime. (Click here to learn more and order directly from our Amazon Affiliate Store)

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