I offer professional, high quality prints of my photographs on either Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper or Fuji Pearl Paper, which is my personal favorite. I use one of the top rated printing labs in the country for creating my finished products and I guarantee your satisfaction.


Fujicolor’s Crystal Archive Professional Paper Super Type PD is a premium paper known for producing bright, sharp, accurate colors with rich, realistic saturation. The standard longevity of a photograph printed on this paper is 100 years in home display (under normal conditions) and 200 years in dark storage.




Fujicolor Pearl Paper uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers to produce three-dimensional, outstanding images on an ultra-bright background. Photographs printed on this paper possess extreme sharpness and deep color saturation with intense black density that increases visual appeal. Pearl paper is resistant to tearing, scratching and curling without any additional lamination. This paper has to be seen to fully appreciate it! Due to the incredible durability and stunning finish that this paper produces, there is no need to mount a pearl print under glass when framing.




Standard Size and Wide Format Print Prices


4 x 6 Print 

E-Surface Color Paper-    $5.00          Fuji Pearl Paper- $5.00


5 x 7 Print 

E-Surface Color Paper-    $6.00          Fuji Pearl Paper- $7.00


8 x 10 Print 

E-Surface Color Paper-    $8.00          Fuji Pearl Paper- $10.00


8 x 12 Print 

E-Surface Color Paper-    $11.00          Fuji Pearl Paper- $14.00


11 x 14 Print 

E-Surface Color Paper-    $23.00          Fuji Pearl Paper- $29.00


16 x 20 Print 

E-Surface Color Paper-    $50.00          Fuji Pearl Paper- $62.00


16 x 24 Print 

E-Surface Color Paper-    $56.00          Fuji Pearl Paper- $70.00


24 x 36 Print 

E-Surface Color Paper-    $137.00         Fuji Pearl Paper- Not available for prints of this size


12 x 24 Print (This is the size that I originally format and crop my wide angle photographs for)

E-Surface Color Paper-    $50.00           Fuji Pearl Paper- $62.00






Showcase Prints


I offer three different styles of extremely high quality showcase prints: Canvas Wraps, Metal Prints, and Standout Displays.




A Canvas Wrap transforms a standard photographic print into a beautifully textured canvas painting. These products are made using the Giclee printing process. In creating a Canvas Wrap, an image is printed on Fuji Hunt Satin Canvas, using archival grade, Ultra-Chrome inks. The canvas is then wrapped around a top quality 1.5” wooden stretcher frame, complete with a hanging bracket on the back. The finished wrap can be hung as is, or framed. Wilhelm Imaging Research reports that if kept out of direct sunlight and handled properly, the image quality of these products should last 100 years without any major color or image deterioration.  



1.5" Canvas Gallery Wrap Prices


8 x 10 Canvas Gallery Wrap-         $112.00              

11 x 14 Canvas Gallery Wrap-       $142.00

10 x 20 Canvas Gallery Wrap-       $152.00

16 x 20 Canvas Gallery Wrap-       $182.00

16 x 24 Canvas Gallery Wrap-       $202.00

20 x 30 Canvas Gallery Wrap-       $262.00

24 x 36 Canvas Gallery Wrap-       $342.00 




Metal Prints are a new high definition art medium that preserves photos by infusing an image directly into the surface, not on it, which creates an almost magical luminescence and unsurpassed color, detail, resolution and vibrancy. These prints are created on white color based .45” thick aluminum photo panels with rounded corners. Each panel is finished with a gloss finish and a hanging wall mount on the back of the print. Note: proper lighting is critical for the best display of this product.



Vivid Metal Print Prices (printed on a white base)


8 x 10 Vivid Metal Print-                 $52.00

11 x 14 Vivid Metal Print-               $72.00

16 x 24 Vivid Metal Print-               $172.00

20 x 30 Vivid Metal Print-               $242.00

24 x 36 Vivid Metal Print-               $402.00




Standout Displays consist of a photographic print mounted on a 1.5” thick, lightweight Gatorfoam with a lightly textured black or smooth white trim around the edges. Standouts are the perfect contemporary mounting option that doesn't require a frame, while still keeping all the focus on the image.




Standout Displays (all standout displays are printed on Fuji Pearl Paper)


8 x 10 Standout Display-                $52.00

8 x 12 Standout Display-                $62.00

11 x 14 Standout Display-              $82.00

16 x 20 Standout Display-              $142.00

16 x 24 Standout Display-              $162.00








Workshops & Seminars    

I am available to teach nature & wildlife photography workshops. A minimum of two months advanced notice is required. Please contact me for more information.


Writing and Photography Assignment Work

I am available for freelance writing and photography assignment work. Please contact me for more information.


Commercial Licensing


Many of the photographs featured at this website can be licensed for commercial use. Please contact me to discuss contract and usage details.







Purchasing, Framing & Finishing Instructions


To purchase a print or showcase product from this website, simply click the Buyicon located above the selected photograph, or in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Paper Type, Color Conversion, Cropping, Finish & Coating, and Framing options will appear on the screen in your Shopping Cart, as seen in the example below. Click the highlighted text and follow instructions to customize and complete your order. 



Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need help ordering.


Gallery and store owners are most welcome to carry my work. Please contact me for retail sales and ordering information.




Joseph Classen    Wild Revelation Photography   Kodiak Island, Alaska