Planning a trip to Kodiak Alaska what to expect on Kodiak Island

What to Expect of Kodiak Island

and Wild Revelation Guide Service

Alaska vacation planning

Planning your Kodiak Adventure

Having realistic expectations and being thoroughly prepared for a visit to Kodiak Island is an

important part of planning your adventure and will ensure a positive experience for all. Please

be aware of the following issues before reserving a trip with Wild Revelation Guide Service

         fabulous, enjoyable weather. However, the lush greenery of the “Emerald Isle” is due to

the fact that Kodiak receives an abundant amount of rainfall each year. Like all places in

Alaska, Kodiak is a very rugged environment where Mother Nature has the final word on

most everything.

          locations around the island can sometimes be delayed by several hours to several days

due to severe winds, fog, and heavy rain. Wild Revelation Guide Service will do all it

can to make the most of your time on Kodiak in any reasonable weather condition. In fact,

light to moderate rain and wind can often create a favorable atmosphere for both fantastic

photography and fishing experiences. If needed, we will always strive to offer an alternative

activity or a backup plan for your trip in the event of inclement weather. However, severe

weather conditions may cause a complete cancellation of activities, as safety is always the

top priority!

it also may cause problems. Some cell phones will not have service on much, or any, of

Kodiak Island. Check with your service provider before you travel if your cell phone is an

absolute necessity.

a road system adventure, please be advised to make reservations with a local Kodiak hotel,

motel, or bed & breakfast well in advance of your trip. Wild Revelation Guide Service

does not provide lodging facilities for clients at this time. There are also vacation rental

homes available on Kodiak. We can personally recommend this one.

          to Kodiak Island. Please keep in mind though, Kodiak is a genuine, down-to-earth, hard-

working Alaskan community. It does not have the “big city, luxury atmosphere” of other

popular tourist areas of the state. But, that is what makes Kodiak so appealing to both

residents and visitors. A visit to Kodiak is a visit to “the real” Alaska!


However, if a car is needed, rental services are available on Kodiak Island and should

be reserved in advance. There are also a variety of taxi services for short-term

transportation needs.

guide will pick you up from your chosen lodging location in town at the beginning of your

eight hour trip and drop you back off at the end. We do not provide transportation for other

personal needs. For our remote-fly out trips, Andrew Airways provides a shuttle service

to and from your lodging location.

alcoholic beverages. Clients are responsible for any extra or specialty food and beverage

items they may wish to take along on a trip. Clients are required to notify Wild Revelation

Guide Service of any food allergies in advance of their trip. Smoking is not permitted in

Wild Revelation vehicles or tents in order to ensure a smoke free atmosphere for other


locations which have the greatest potential for enjoying a desired activity. However, we

obviously have no control over the forces of nature. Fish, wildlife, and the activity of the

natural world can vary greatly from day to day. Patience is a must.

It is advised, however, that potential clients are in relatively good physical condition,

especially for remote trips. There is a moderate amount of walking involved for both

photography and fishing trips. As a general rule, the better the physical shape a client is in,

          the greater the opportunity for exploring the wilderness and experiencing more adventure.

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