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Kodiak bear photography toursKodiak Island Alaska Summer Photography ToursKodiak Island Alaska Fall Photography ToursKodiak Island Alaska Winter Photography ToursKodiak Island Alaska Spring Photography ToursCopyright Joseph Classen

Copyright Joseph Classen

Copyright Joseph Classen

Copyright Joseph Classen

Photography on Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island is one of the most beautiful places in Alaska and is an absolute paradise for

photographers, offering truly world-class opportunities with each season of the year.

Whether one is an experienced professional seeking to capture Alaskan images for

commercial use, or a beginning photography enthusiast simply shooting for fun, Kodiak

is the place to visit, and Wild Revelation Guide Service can help you make the most of it.

Wild Revelation Guide Service operates year round, in all reasonable weather conditions,

in order to help photographers capture the unique Alaskan images they are after.


There is only one way to describe a beautiful, summer day on Kodiak Island: heaven on earth!

The island is alive and teaming with life virtually everywhere! One can expect to experience

some of the world’s best nature and wildlife photography opportunities during the summer months

on Kodiak. The long Alaskan days and the famous “midnight sun” offer hours upon hours of time

to explore and capture unforgettable images.

When mid to late September arrives, the fall colors of Kodiak Island are nearing their peak.

The lush, green of Kodiak’s towering Sitka spruce, mixed with the vibrant hues of cottonwoods,

alders, willows, berry bushes, and other species of trees, all join together to produce a diverse

palate of beautiful autumn colors that complement each other wonderfully!

The fall months are a major time of transition, not only for the landscape of Kodiak Island, but

for the wildlife as well. Massive Kodiak brown bears are eating voraciously to fatten up for the

winter, and while one has to be even more cautious in their presence during the fall, bear activity

is at a peak and there are many opportunities for photographing them on the island’s many salmon

streams. Along with the bears, bald eagles, foxes, and a variety of other creatures, are all on the

rivers, gobbling up the hundreds of spawned-out salmon. It’s an unbelievable sight to see the

cycle of life carried out in such a manner right before one’s camera lens.


Alaskan winters unfortunately have a bad reputation. Sure, it’s cold and dark, but with a little attitude

adjustment those winter days can turn into an exciting new world of opportunity for the photographer!

Kodiak is often thought of as “Alaska’s tropical island.” Due to its geographical location and warm

Japanese trade winds, winters on Kodiak Island are not nearly as dark and cold as other parts of

Alaska. Daytime winter temperatures range from approximately 24 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, and

in recent years have been warmer on average. During the peak of the winter (December 21)

Kodiak gets a little over six hours of daylight, with the sun rising around 10:00 AM and setting around

4:00 PM. Many wonderful, unique photographic opportunities arise precisely because of the shorter

days and longer nights, such as photographing spectacular Alaskan sunrises and sunsets at more

reasonable hours of the day/night.

The long, dark nights also provide extraordinary opportunities for astro-photography, capturing the

elusive aura borealis, shooting long exposure star trails, etc. Night photography is great fun and a

whole new world to explore for those who are used to only shooting in the light of day.

Another attractive winter quality is the lack of people. Not many tourists or sportsmen come to Kodiak

during the winter, which leaves many popular, scenic areas virtually untouched. Photographers can

experience great peace, solitude and relaxation during a winter visit to Kodiak Island.

Most importantly, the colder months of the year are perfect for capturing breathtaking landscapes,

as well as the magical, deep blue seascapes that come alive in the winter months. .


Spring on Kodiak Island is most noticeably sprung by late May or June. As short and as fast as the

warming spring months are, they bring about tremendous renewal of the natural world. When the

month of May emerges on Kodiak, great excitement fills the air! The brown, dead grasses begin

their transformation into the lush greenery that the “Emerald Isle” of Kodiak is known for. The salmon

runs are preparing to start, a variety of migrating songbirds and whales are on the move, colorful

wildflowers are beginning to sprout, the days are getting significantly longer, the mighty Kodiak

brown bears awaken, bald eagles have dispersed from their winter hangouts, and life is good!

There is a wonderful resurrection throughout the land, and all of it is fun to capture with a camera.

As spring leads into summer, much of the fishing on Kodiak Island begins, as the various species

of salmon are in the process of making their annual spawning run. This can be a great time of year

for “action/adventure” photography as there are both commercial and sport fishermen and fishing

boats everywhere! Kodiak is home to one of Alaska’s biggest fishing fleets and provides ample

opportunity for some unique photography.

Naturally, one of Kodiak Island’s most sought after photography subjects is the mighty Kodiak

brown bear…the largest bear in the world! Wild Revelation Guide Service specializes in helping

clients view and photograph these incredible animals in a respectful, safe manner. Enjoy this video

which showcases the beauty of bear country, and offers an overview of Joe’s book about

photographing one of Alaska’s most famous residents…

Photographing the Bald Eagle

Another of Kodiak’s most sought after photography subjects is the majestic bald eagle, our National

bird. Kodiak Island is blessed with a great abundance of these magnificent raptors, and they offer

fantastic photo opportunities! While eagles are present and active year round, the late fall and winter

months are an especially good time for eagle viewing and photographing. But of course, one needs

the right guide who knows where the eagles congregate, and how to go about getting the best shots

of these wonderful birds. Enjoy this video to learn more…

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