Kodiak Island sight seeing and photography tours kodiak bear track

Photography Tours and Adventures

Guided Photography Tours

$275.00 per person (for groups of 2-3)

$375.00 per person for solo/individual tour

Fly-out Photography Guide Service         $  Rates will Vary  $                                                                                                                    


Kodiak Island sight seeing and photography tours exclusive photography tours

The Guided Photography Tour is an eight hour photography adventure tailored specifically to the client’s interests. Whether one seeks to photograph landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, seasonal, or urban and cultural subjects, your guide will work hard to ensure the best possible opportunities to capture the images you are after, as well as offering professional instruction for the beginner or novice photography enthusiast.

Off The Beaten Path Adventure

$275.00 per person (for groups of 2-3)

$375.00 per person for solo/individual tour

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Want to stretch your legs, explore, and photograph the more off-road, wild areas of Kodiak

Island with peace of mind and confidence? If so, then the Off the Beaten Path Adventure

is for you! Go on a peaceful hike through magical, moss-covered spruce forests, wander along

stunningly beautiful beaches, summit nearby mountains and enjoy breathtaking vistas, or,

gently wade along salmon streams and experience the incredible bounty of life that is all

around! This adventure is a must for those wishing to experience and photograph the best of

what Kodiak has to offer as far as spectacular scenery, the best chances of viewing and

photographing a wide variety of wildlife, and most importantly, doing so in a safe manner

with an experienced guide.  Watch the video below to learn more…

Need an experienced, knowledgeable guide for your remote Kodiak Island adventure?

Joseph Classen is available to accompany individuals and small groups on fly-out trips

around the island. Please contact us for more information.

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