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What to Bring


A “layer system” of clothing is essential for a visit to Kodiak. The layer system includes a

“base layer” of moisture-wicking undergarments, a “middle layer” of clothing for insulation

(wool, fleece, etc.) and a high quality “shell layer” of clothing to protect from strong winds

and precipitation. Bright colored clothing is not advised for either fishing or photography

clients, as it can scare both fish and wildlife away. Natural colored clothes (green, brown,

gray, etc.) are the best choice.

It is strongly advised to avoid cotton clothing while in the field, as cotton is very absorbent

and holds moisture close to the body, which can accelerate hypothermia in adverse weather


Waterproof hiking boots or knee-high, insulated rubber boots are a good choice for those

on photography trips, while chest waders are recommended for fishing clients.

Some important miscellaneous items to bring along on a Kodiak Island adventure include:

warm, water-resistant hats and gloves, polarized sunglasses, insect repellant and a head net.


Photography clients will naturally be expected to bring their own cameras, tripods, etc.

Your guide can offer a great deal of photography instruction and assistance, but clients

are still strongly encouraged to thoroughly learn and practice with their chosen camera

equipment before coming to Kodiak.


Fishing clients are also expected to bring their own gear (fly rods, spinning rods, tackle,

waders, etc.) as one’s personal gear is much more comfortable, familiar, and easier to use

than borrowed gear, which can often prove to be an exercise in frustration for a client. Wild

Revelation Guide Service does, however, provide some back-up gear in case of broken

or malfunctioning fishing equipment.

Both fishing and photography clients are encouraged to keep their gear as light in weight,

well organized, and as limited to the essentials as possible. Weight and cargo room for

equipment in vehicles, and especially in bush airplanes, are strictly limited and become more

restricted with each additional client on a trip. Try to limit your photography or fishing gear to

items that can be carried in medium to large backpacks or duffle bags.


Wild Revelation Guide Service conducts its remote fly-out trips on Kodiak National

Wildlife Refuge lands. For our professional photography clients, who intend to use their

photographs or film footage strictly for commercial purposes, a Commercial Audio-Visual

Productions Permit is needed, which should be attained well in advance of your trip. For a

direct link to information about this permit, click here.

All fishing clients will need a valid Alaska fishing license, which can be attained online, or in

person at a local Kodiak store. Fishing trips will not begin until all clients have their license.

For more information, click here.

Feel free to contact us with any other specific questions you may have about what to expect

or bring on your Kodiak photography or fishing adventure.

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