How to catch big summer bass

How to Catch Big Summer Bass

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The dog days of summer are rapidly approaching here in Missouri. As I type these words, it’s a beautiful spring day, May 12, to be exact, and already the mercury is rising to above 90 degrees in the afternoons. Uuughh!!! I can’t say I’m particularly a big fan of the good ol’ summertime. Those miserable, […]

Bruce "Buck" Nelson interview with Joe Classen

1000 Miles Across the Alaskan Wilderness…Alone! – An Interview with Buck Nelson

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For three years I produced and hosted a nationally syndicated radio show called Faith Adventures. The theme of the show, in general, was a combination of outdoor adventure and Christian spirituality. The first half of each episode included interviews with a wide variety of interesting folks…discussing a wide variety of outdoor topics…and the second half […]

wildlife photography etiquette

Wildlife Photography Etiquette

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It’s, unfortunately, a scene that happens rather often. An uncomfortably small, shiny rental car, that has no business being off-the-beaten-path, pulls over to the side of a muddy, pothole filled gravel road. With the engine still running and the radio blaring, the driver side door opens and a dangerously enthusiastic, ill-prepared tourist emerges with a […]