Monashka Creek Reflection. Kodiak Island Alaska. Joseph Classen.

Monashka Creek Reflection #1

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One of the many things that have kept me busy during the summer months is the guide service that I operate. I have spent many hours taking clients from all over the world to the most spectacular areas on Kodiak Island for them to photograph and enjoy the land where I have been so blessed to […]

Bruce "Buck" Nelson interview with Joe Classen

1000 Miles Across the Alaskan Wilderness…Alone! – An Interview with Buck Nelson

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For three years I produced and hosted a nationally syndicated radio show called Faith Adventures. The theme of the show, in general, was a combination of outdoor adventure and Christian spirituality. The first half of each episode included interviews with a wide variety of interesting folks…discussing a wide variety of outdoor topics…and the second half […]

A bald eagle sits in a tree during a snow storm on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Joseph Classen.

Winter Silence

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After having photographed countless majestic bald eagles in Alaska, it’s very difficult to pick out a personal favorite. I take thousands of photos of eagles each year, but only a small amount of those make the cut and are added to my collection. And, out of those, most end up as stock photos or images […]

A stunning display of the aurora borealis over the Olds River of Kodiak Island, Alaska. Joseph Classen.

Olds River Aurora

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I captured this image of the northern lights at the Olds River, on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Like most aurora borealis photo shoots, it was a bitterly cold winter outing, and the only one foolish enough to head out on the abandoned, ice-covered roads in the middle of the night was yours truly. However, it was a […]

A beautiful sunrise at Spruce Cape on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Joseph Classen.

Spruce Cape Sunrise #2

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Spruce Cape, located on Kodiak Island, Alaska, is known for getting some of the most ferocious winds and extreme weather that makes its way across the island. When a storm rolls in, Spruce Cape is mean and nasty! Perhaps this is why the Navy Seals Cold Weather Warfare Training Center is located there. It’s the […]