Greetings friends!  Every day of life is a precious gift from God and a great adventure…in more ways than one…for better or for worse. To quote a fellow Missourian, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore! Dream! Discover!” (Mark Twain)


I get many questions from folks about where certain photographs were taken and inquiries about the stories behind them. There is indeed an adventure and a story behind every image I capture, and here is where I’ll post some of the details of those adventures… past, present and future.


Enjoy your visit!

Joseph Classen.




Uganik River Kodiak Bears

September 15, 2014

     I’m finally making up for lost time with this year’s bear photography efforts. I have not been seeing many bears over the last few months, nor have I had much time to actually go looking for them. However, the rivers are now filled with loads of half-dead, spawned out salmon, which are easy pickings for the many hungry Kodiak bears who come out of the woodwork this time of year to stuff their bellies in preparation for winter. Spend a day along a salmon stream, and you will no doubt encounter lots of fresh bear sign, and quite possibly the bears themselves, if you are patient enough.


     I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to explore much of Kodiak Island and spend time along her many remote rivers and creeks over the last few years, but until recently, I had not yet experienced the beautiful Uganik River. Well, I’m happy to announce that I have now had the chance to do just that. I recently went on a float trip down the Uganik with some great folks and was finally able to spend some quality time on this magnificent river. Not only was it a day of good fishing and camaraderie with new friends, but it also turned into a fantastic bear viewing day. I thankfully had my more serious camera gear with me and was able to get some nice shots of some beautiful bears.


     The first bear on the scene was a young sow, who at first seemed to be by herself. She began fishing in a hole not far from us. As we watched her, we began to hear the bawling of a cub, which later emerged from the thick brush and came down to watch mom catch a fish.  A short while later, a lone boar showed up to join in the fishing activities. About a half hour or so after that, a sow with two cubs showed up, and she was one tough mama! At one point the much larger boar started to move in her direction and tried to grab a fish carcass which she was moving in to get. As soon as she saw him go for the fish, she charged after him like a rocket and fiercely ran off the boar.


     The boar retreated in a frantic hurry, ran across the river, and almost bowled us right over as he headed for the brush to get far away from mean mama. A few minutes after he hastily retreated, he quietly reappeared, first  just cautiously peeking through the thick cover to see if the coast was clear, and then he slowly emerged from the shadows and crossed back across the river a good safe distance from the protective sow, and us.


     We saw a few more bears later in the day, all who were doing the same thing we were; enjoying a beautiful day on the Uganik River and catching a few fish for the winter. It’s an indescribable feeling to be out in truly wild, remote nature, and be safely, respectfully participating in the cycle of life with the rest of creation, especially with the largest bears on the planet!  Wow!


     I posted all the photographs of the day’s adventure in a new gallery here at the website: Uganik River Kodiak Bears. Check it out, and have a peek at some new photographs.



Joseph Classen     Wild Revelation Photography     Kodiak Island, Alaska   

Summer Photos, New Book, and 2015 Calendar

September 09, 2014

Due to work commitments and the general busyness of life, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to do a blog entry, much less any extensive photography, but don’t worry, I’m still at it and hope to get some great photographs in the autumn months to come. I was able to get a few nice shots throughout these past summer months which I added to the collection. But before I get to that, I’m happy to announce that I’m working on a new wildlife photography book for Amherst Media. In this book I’ll be discussing more advanced techniques and principles, based on hunting skills, as successful wildlife photography is quite literally a matter of hunting with a camera. I’ll post more information as the book gets closer to a release date.


On another topic, many have been asking about a 2015 calendar. Yes, I certainly plan on offering a photo calendar this year and plan to get started on it very soon. I’ll keep you posted as things develop with that as well.


But for now, here is a sneak peak at a few of the photographs from the past few months. Something I really look forward to photographing each year is the fireweed bloom. This year I scouted out a new spot and got a few nice images which I posted in the Kodiak Island Gallery. Here is one of them...

I also had a chance to do some long exposure photography at one of my favorite creeks and bays, which I also added to the Kodiak Gallery...


For the past several weeks I was working as a guide in Ugak Bay, and was able to snap a few quick photos now and then. Among them were images of some semi-wild horses that made an appearance along a beautiful creek one morning. I posted them in the Misc Alaska Wildlife Gallery. Here are a couple of them...


I posted a few more new photos in some of the other galleries here at the website. Have a look around and see if you can spot them.



New Inspirational Gallery, Greeting Cards, and Other News

June 19, 2014

I’ve been busy as a bee these past several weeks with all sorts of things, and on top of that, it’s fishing season!!! So, I’ve been spending much more of my free time chasing salmon and stocking up the freezer for the year rather than focusing on photography at the moment.


However, I finally had some time to catch up on various Wild Revelation projects, and also get a few new images along the way.


First of all, I’m happy to announce a new gallery here at the website. For a long time now people have asked me to combine popular scripture quotes with some of my photography. Well, I finally did. Check out the new “Inspirational Gallery.”

If you have a favorite verse or quote that you think would be great for a particular image or product, I can certainly accommodate custom orders. Feel free to contact me any time to discuss your project.


Along with offering a variety of gift items, I also am now offering custom greeting cards, which work especially well with the images from my new Inspirational Gallery, as those images are formatted to the exact dimensions of the cards. Click here to find out more.



In other news, public use of Wild Revelation Photography continues to grow. One of my images made it to the cover of the new phone book. Check it out…


Also, my work is on display once again in the US Post Office here in town for the summer. I’m very appreciative for the support. Thanks!


And last, but not least, I do have a few new images to share from the last month or so. I captured some neat images of a rather tame fox who visited a construction camp I was staying at awhile back. I included those photos in the “Miscellaneous Alaska Wildlife Gallery.”  I also captured a number of interesting images while out subsistence fishing, hiking, flying around in a helicopter, and other such activities. I included those in the “Miscellaneous Photos Gallery.” Of course, I got a few new eagle shots, and hope to get some new bear images in the weeks to come. Stand by!  But for now, here are a few samples of the new stuff…

Joseph Classen     Wild Revelation Photography     Kodiak Island, Alaska

New Video Gallery

May 10, 2014

The other day I was sitting around recovering from a miserable lower back blowout and found myself going through a bunch of old video clips I’ve taken over the years while out on various adventures. I decided to organize them all and create a video gallery here at the website for folks to enjoy some action footage of the great outdoors! I’ll be adding more to it as time goes on, both videos of past adventures, and more recent ones.


Please keep in mind that these videos are simply for you to enjoy. They are not professionally produced, and are rather rough around the edges. These videos are not for sale, nor are they for any sort of commercial use. Again, they are just collections of footage for you to enjoy. Click here to visit the new video gallery.


On another topic, don’t forget, my new book, Awakenings in the Wild, has finally been released!

As is a common practice these days in the publishing world, it has first been released as an eBook to test the market before being produced and released as a printed version. For more information and to purchase the eBook, click here.



Joseph Classen     Wild Revelation Photography     Kodiak Island, Alaska

New eBook Release!

April 22, 2014



My new book, Awakenings in the Wild, has finally been released! As is a common practice these days in the publishing world, it has first been released as an eBook to test the market before being produced and released as a printed version, which is a very costly endeavor, especially for books with lots of color images. With the literary market going more and more digital, and more people preferring to do their reading on tablets, laptops, etc., I decided to take the plunge into the world of the eBook.


For more information and to purchase the eBook, click here.


On a final note, word of mouth is the greatest marketing tool when it comes to books, so please do me a huge favor, if you’d be so kind, and spread the word to your friends!

Springtime in Alaska

April 02, 2014

Spring is in the air here on Kodiak Island! The days are getting warmer and longer with each passing week, migratory songbirds are starting to show up, killer whales are on the hunt, and the land is slowly coming to life. With a new month upon us, I have plenty of news to share with you. First, an exciting announcement, one of my photographs was chosen to be the cover image for the upcoming Kodiak Local Pages Phone Directory. I'll post an image of it for you once it has been released to the public, so please stand by.


In other news, Wild Revelation photographs are now available as a number of great gift items! Click on the “Gifts” page (under Products and Services) for more information. No better gift for that special occasion than a gift from the wild!


As you are hopefully aware, the mission and purpose of Wild Revelation Photography is not only to share the beauty and wonders of God's creation, but also to raise funds to help those in need and to protect our wild lands and wildlife. A portion of each sale is donated to various organizations for this purpose. Starting in April, I will have a "charity of the month," in which I will donate a portion of that month's sales to. For this month, I've selected Sacred Heart Radio, a non-for-profit radio network that broadcasts wonderful Christian programming throughout parts of the Pacific Northwest, including Kodiak Island.  


Naturally, the percentage that I’m able to donate all depends on the number of sales each month. As I often have to remind folks, getting the photographs that I do is not cheap! It can be a very expensive, time-consuming ordeal when it's all said and done. Quite often it's a struggle to simply cover my costs and break even. Thus, I'm constantly striving to make more photographic products available to make more of a profit to share. You can do your part by sharing Wild Revelation Photography with your friends. Please invite them to check out this website, as well as inviting your Facebook friends to "like" the Wild Revelation Facebook Page. And finally, if you have any product ideas that would be suitable for Wild Revelation Photography, please don't hesitate to contact me with your thoughts or suggestions.


Last but not least, I've captured some unique new photos over the past few weeks. I've recently gotten more serious about long exposure photography. I've been doing quite a bit of it at nighttime, but it’s a whole different ball game during the day. To meet some of that challenge, I bought a neutral density filter for my camera in order to take long exposure shots even at high noon! Essentially, a neutral density filter is a dark lens which greatly reduces the light coming into the camera, thus enabling one to get up to 30 second exposures (or greater). The results are quite amazing and beautiful, most especially in photographs where water is part of the composition.  Here are a few of the recent additions that I've added to the Kodiak Island Gallery...





I added one to the Black and White Gallery as well....




Joseph Classen     Wild Revelation Photography     Kodiak Island, Alaska

Winter News

March 01, 2014

Winter has been going by quite rapidly here on Kodiak Island. January, February and March are usually cold, dark, miserable months in Alaska, but not so this year. As folks in the lower 48 have been experiencing brutal arctic blasts, it’s been quite pleasant up here in the north with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures. Of course, having lots to do and exciting new ventures to pursue also makes the “slow” months go by fast.


And, it has indeed been an exciting few months! For starters, I recently began a new job working in land surveying, which not only provides me with many challenging skills to learn and apply, but also the opportunity to explore even more of the great land of Alaska. Over the last year or so, many have asked me if photography has become my full time source of employment. Unfortunately, the answer is no. But, if it was, I probably would not be so enthusiastic about it. For now, I approach it as a side business and ministry, focused on sharing the wonders of God’s creation, making a few bucks to share with those in need, and covering the costs of capturing such photographs…which is not cheap!


Speaking of photographs, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, one of my bear photographs was chosen to be the cover image for the official 2014 Kodiak Island Visitors Guide, which goes out to thousands of people all over the world. It’s a humbling privilege, for which I am very gracious. Here is what the cover looks like…


In other news, my new book is almost ready to go to print. In a nut shell, the book is a photo journal/coffee table style of book about the role that nature can have in one’s spirituality and the wisdom learned from spending quality time in the wilderness. Of course, it’s loaded with lots of wildlife and nature photographs. Here is a sneak peak at the cover…


I’ve still been getting out when I can to get some new photographs. A week or so ago we had a truly spectacular display of the aurora borealis here on Kodiak. Usually the northern lights are not all that strong here on the island, but this time they were out in full force! I drove way out to the Olds River, where I knew nobody else in their right mind would go for a short, weeknight outing, and I got a couple of great shots which were featured in our local newspaper. I included them in the Nightscapes gallery.


For quite some time I’ve been trying to get some photographs of the huge sea lions that call Kodiak home, and I finally hit the jackpot! Last month I got some awesome action shots of one attacking and devouring a fish in St. Paul harbor. I included the images in the Alaska Wildlife gallery.


I also captured some nice images of a wonderful waterfall I discovered while on a hike awhile back. You can see those photographs in the Kodiak Island gallery.


And finally, as always, there are lots of eagles to photograph. I added some new ones to the Eagles of Alaska gallery.


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Joseph Classen     Wild Revelation Photography     Kodiak Island, Alaska