Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Joseph Classen and I’m originally from St. Charles, Missouri. Located along the Missouri river, and nearby the mighty Mississippi, this historic town was founded in 1769 by Louis Blanchette and was known as a launching pad for early explorers, traders, and immigrants who were heading west. St. Charles was a thriving trading community back in the day, and is the site of the famous Lewis and Clark Rendezvous. It was also the familiar stomping grounds of individuals such as Saint Philippine Duchesne and Daniel Boone. It’s along those muddy rivers, immersed in that adventurous, pioneer spirit that my undying love of the outdoors was born!

I graduated high school in St. Charles, went on to receive a BA in Philosophy from St. Louis University, and a Masters of Divinity from Kenrick-Glennon Theological Seminary in 2003. I served as an associate pastor of three parishes in Missouri and more recently as the pastor of a parish on Kodiak Island, Alaska. In June of 2014, after a great deal of prayer, discernment, and with the Church's support, I decided to move on from parish ministry. I have since entered the field of land surveying, which I am enjoying very much. There is no better place to explore and survey the land than in the "Great Land" of Alaska!

Along with my previous work in professional ministry, I've written numerous books and articles on the Christian faith, the outdoors, and photography. I was the host of an outdoors-themed radio show for several years, have been involved in a variety of media work, am a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association, and have also worked as an Alaskan fishing and wilderness guide.
Over the past few years my photography has won awards, it has been published in numerous magazines and periodicals, it has been featured by conservation organizations, the US Postal Service, travel bureaus, phone directories, and it continues to gain worldwide exposure.

The mission of Wild Revelation is to inspire, educate, and communicate through the wonder of creation, while promoting better stewardship of both humanity and the natural world. I'm committed to offering products of the highest quality, created with excellent craftsmanship and uncompromising attention to detail. I am involved in every step of production in order to offer unique, experiential products that will forever inspire. I am dedicated to operating with respect, integrity, and a divinely motivated spirit of service…not only to my customers, but to all people, all of creation, and most importantly, the Almighty Creator! Please keep in mind, Wild Revelation is not simply a business, but also a ministry, as a portion of each sale is donated to charitable organizations that serve those in need, and also to reputable conservation groups that protect our natural resources and wild lands.

Enjoy your visit, come back often to see new additions, and may God bless you!

Joseph Classen

Joseph Classen Wild Revelation Photography Kodiak Island, Alaska