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Joe is a published author and freelance writer, having written numerous books and articles on Christian spirituality, the outdoors, and nature photography. He was the host of a nationally syndicated outdoors-themed radio show for several years, is involved in a variety of media work, and is a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association. Over the past few years his photography has won awards, it has been published in numerous magazines and periodicals, it has been featured by conservation organizations, the US Postal Service, travel bureaus, phone directories, and it continues to gain worldwide exposure. Below are just a few examples of where his work has appeared. For more information about his photography books, and to visit his complete photography gallery,

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Wild Revelation Guide Service specializes in guiding individuals and small, exclusive groups

(up to 3 people) of photography and fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels, including commercial

photographers and videographers. We offer fully guided trips on both the Kodiak Island road

system and can accompany clients on remote, fly-out adventures.

Why Hire a Guide?

Hiring a guide for your Kodiak Island adventure cuts through the concern and confusion that visitors

often have and ensures the most efficient, worry-free use of your time and money. A guide is happy

to offer professional instruction and share a vast amount of knowledge about the island, which helps

get you right to what you came to do and enjoy!

Spending time with an experienced guide also ensures the highest degree of safety and peace of

mind. Exploring the beautiful, rugged environment of Kodiak Island is an unforgettable experience!

However, it is also one to be thoroughly prepared for. The Alaskan wilderness is no place to venture

into half-heartedly. Alaska is a land of extremes, and it must be treated with extreme respect and

care. There are many serious challenges and potential dangers present on both road accessible and

remote areas of Kodiak. A professional guide is trained and proficient in such essential skills as

CPR, first aid, bear safety, wilderness emergency and survival.

Your Wild Revelation Guide

Wild Revelation Guide Service’s head guide is Joseph Classen. Joe is a lifelong, vastly

experienced outdoorsman, who began fishing and exploring the natural world literally before

he can remember. He has spent countless hours in some of the wildest, most remote and

unforgiving areas of Alaska, Canada, and the lower 48 states. Originally trained as a minister,

Joe holds a master degree level of education, yet remains a very down-to-earth guy, who more

than anything else thoroughly enjoys sharing the inspirational wonder and beauty of

God’s creation with others.

Watch this video to learn more about Joseph and one of his many photography books


Joe Classen is a well-recognized expert in wildlife photography, outdoor living, and philosophy. He has

learned how to achieve that elusive balance of capturing the essence of the animals and their habitats in an

honest, respectful and entrancing way.”

Larry Van Daele, Ph.D.

Division of Wildlife Conservation,

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

“Joe Classen is truly an outstanding wildlife and scenic photographer with the wilderness in his soul!”

Bob Swerer

Producer of "ALONE IN THE WILDERNESS" PBS documentary

“Classen's incredible photos of spectacular scenery and up-close-and-personal wildlife portraits,

together with his thought-provoking prose, stir one's soul in a manner unlike that of any other outdoor writer

working today.”

Kathy Etling

Outdoor writer and author

"As an editor I've bought articles from Joe Classen. As a reader I devour his perspective. He is an artist

tiptoeing out on a limb in the wilderness. In his work he beckons us to follow. He is a pathfinder and they

are rare."

Frank Miniter

New York Times' best selling author.

“Joe’s eye for beautiful creatures, captured in their natural habitat, leave one with a deep, soulful longing to walk

briefly in their paws and experience their lives in the wild.”

Marc Taylor

Author of the “Hunting Hard…In Alaska!” series of books

“Joseph Classen’s pictures capture the light and the action that make his wildlife and nature photography so

compelling and exciting.”

Scott Kaeser

Editor, Tide-mark Press

“Joe Classen is among the best at photographing my favorite place on earth, Kodiak Island.  His intimate

knowledge of the island and its wildlife has allowed him to capture Kodiak’s beauty unlike any others.”

Gordon L. Pullar, Jr.

Director of Business Operations

Koniag, Inc.

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